Please question the process

· April 6, 2015

One of the things that I’ve been told that upset me the most during the last couple of years was this sentence:

Please don't question the process

Instead of going angry and rant about the stupidity of that I’d thought about the opposite. Or what I’d want to do. If I ever get to hire people to a company I will tell them, on their first day:

Please question the process. This is only as good as we've got so far. In fact - one of the big reasons you are here is to make us better. You cannot do that without questioning and challenging the current state.
If you ever feel that something could be done better or in another way - please say so.

Please question the process means that we are humble about that we are not the best we will ever be. It also sends a signal about us looking for something better. Finally by saying “Please question the process” the person you say it to feels like they are important, that you need their input. And it includes new people in “we”, in the team instantly.

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