Insights from Agile Coaching at Nintex

· May 3, 2015

Recently, I had the pleasure of engaging in an agile coaching opportunity in Kuala Lumpur for Nintex.

The experience was not only enjoyable but also enlightening, as coaching often leads to mutual learning and growth. It’s fascinating how verbalizing abstract ideas can give them new clarity and depth.

In this post, I’d like to share some of the insights and concepts I discussed during the three days spent with the teams at Nintex.

Setting Clear Goals for Sessions

One valuable lesson I learned was the importance of setting specific goals for each coaching session. Inspired by advice from coaching expert Dan North, I made it a priority to define clear objectives for each team interaction. This simple yet powerful practice helped guide our discussions and focus our efforts effectively.

Embracing Experimentation over Change

Throughout the coaching sessions, I emphasized the importance of framing initiatives as experiments rather than changes. Unlike change, which can evoke fear and resistance, experiments foster a culture of curiosity and continuous learning. By reframing our approach, we can embrace uncertainty and iterate towards improvement with greater ease.

I encouraged teams to shift their focus from isolated metrics to broader trends. Instead of fixating on individual data points, we explored the significance of longitudinal patterns and fluctuations. This shift in perspective, inspired by principles of statistical process control, promotes a deeper understanding of variability and informs more informed decision-making.

Measuring Impact, Not Just Activity

A recurring theme in our discussions was the importance of measuring impact rather than activity. While metrics like lead time and bug counts are informative, they only tell part of the story. True success lies in delivering value to customers and achieving meaningful outcomes. By aligning metrics with real-world impact, teams can ensure their efforts are truly impactful and aligned with organizational goals.

Reflecting on the Experience

Engaging in coaching at Nintex was a rewarding experience that allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such talented teams and look forward to applying these insights in future coaching engagements.

Thank you, Nintex, for the enriching experience!

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