New PluralSight course: npm as a build tool

· October 22, 2015

I’ve just (October 21 2015) got news that my latest course for PluralSight is published.

Find it here.

This time I took the opportunity to put together a course on using npm (Node Package Manager) as a build tool. I think it makes for a very lightweight and flexible option for any JavaScript (or front-end heavy btw) project.

As you might know I’ve written a couple of posts on the topic:

In the course I dive much deeper and the topics discussed are:

  • Initializing package.json with npm
  • Running and writing scripts with npm and package.json
    • Writing custom scripts
    • Short cuts for common scripts
  • Pre and post hooks for scripts, see this
    • Hooks for custom scripts
  • Scripts useful for development, supporting tasks as:
    • Compile Coffee-Script
    • Compile TypeScript
    • Refactoring
    • Less Compilation
    • Bundling with Browserify
    • Minifying with Uglify
  • Watching folders and files and trigger on change:
    • Server Side Watching
    • Watching the Unwatchable
    • Using Nodemon
    • Client Side Watching
    • Live Reloading of Browser
  • Versioning and deploying with npm, see this
    • Incrementing Version Number
    • Versioning Code in git
    • Push Code to Repository
    • Deploy the Application
    • Launch the Application
  • Other useful tricks with npm

I think this is by far the best course I’ve made for PluralSight (my third) and I also think the topic is interesting and useful for most any Node / Front-end developer or team. It’s simpler than Grunt/Gulp, quite simply.

I hope to see it do good.

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