Thank you Rob

· August 4, 2016

I’ve just downloaded and started to read the Imposters Handbook., by Rob Conery. It’s a book about all those things that you don’t want to reveal that you don’t know. I most of them I should know since I have read Computer Science. But I don’t. It’s a great (in all senses of the word ≈500 pages!) read and promise to deliver even better things ahead. Go get yours now!

As I started to read it I heard a familiar voice in my head. Rob Conerys. And I just realised how much I’ve learned from him.

Dear Rob,

I first heard your name when you created a course on ASP.NET MVC for the ASP.NET-site. That technology was brand new back then. I then followed you as TekPub was started and I have seen just about everything you ever produced. I’ve also enjoyed some of the courses produced for PluralSight once TekPub was acquired.

I thoroughly enjoyed This Developers Life that I’ve heard most episodes of, at least 2 times each.

Here’s a non-exclusive list of the things that I’ve started to use and learned or picked up - initiated by you;

  • Git - I did not understand that at all before your TekPub course
  • ASP.NET MVC - I got this, but so much deeper knowledge was gained via you. Especially the first ASP.NET MVC 2 course with Steven Sandersson
  • Linux - never touched before your stuff, woven into many TekPub courses
  • Angular/Backbone and the general notion of front-end frameworks
  • Node - never heard of before your course back in the day
  • JavaScript - this was pure witchcraft for me and I didn’t want to poke it with a stick.
  • CoffeeScript - same as above
  • Elixir - thoroughly loved the RedFour course that I took this summer

3-4 of those things are things I use everyday. Two of those things are things that I’ve myself created courses on for PluralSight. Starting to use Linux, Node and JavaScript opened new worlds for me that I, as a “.net only developer” never would have looked into before.

That price of such education can be calculated and is set by PluralSight etc. But - the value of that education, for me as a user, cannot be measured. In short terms it has made my a much, much better professional.

I’ve never met you in real life. To be quite frank I sometimes find you a little bit intimidating on Twitter, but since you are outspoken and get a lot of push-back - I can totally understand your reactions sometimes. That said the teaching style, voice and general presence on stage is very laid back and pleasant - and that’s the person I feel like I know through the hours of teaching.

Summing up

I’m not a particular “Rob Conery”-fan boy - I don’t listen to/read/learn your stuff just because it’s you. I enjoy your stuff just because it’s been perfect content and timing for me.

And in doing so I realised, when I started to read the Imposter book to learn even more, that I just needed to write a proper Thank you down. Because I learned so much from you!

Thank you Rob!

Your teaching, presenting, screen casting, pod casting, blogging and writing helped me immensely. For this

I’m deeply grateful.

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