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· April 19, 2017

In 2013 I got invited to write blog posts for I was quite surprised and honoured, since that’s a place where I’ve read many great posts over the year.

I hopped to the challenge though (never regretted doing that) and ended up writing 6 posts, before I lost tempo.

I’m actually proud of all those posts and wanted to preserve them here on my site also. I noticed that has slowed down and went away completely the other week without anyone noticing. So I thought it would be better to save them somewhere else.

Here’s they are:

My first post was on mob programming and was the first post on the topic written by someone else than Woody Zuill. It’s even mentioned on the wikipedia page for mob programming and those facts makes me immensely proud

I wrote a few post on a the work I was doing at my current client there, the first one was about how we visualised our backlog and board

And then a post on a tool that I have used many times under my consultancy career; weighted index table

At the time when I wrote these things I learned about A/B testing for the first time and wrote a post about being data-driven and what kind of implications it has on doing business.

I mused over a comment that someone said about us doing lean backwards and what that would mean.

My last post on (so far) was the first thing I wrote on Koa. A framework that completely took me by surprise. This post marks the first venture for me into Javascript land. I was so happy to get rid of the pesky callbacks that haunted me.

Conclusion is not dead, as far as I know. But I wanted to preserve my posts here.

Thanks to Jekyll time machine capabilities you can now read those posts here, sorted in chronological order of writing.

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