Embracing the Kanban Blessing

· October 28, 2017

This week has been a series of firsts for me. I visited China for the first time, conducted a full week of training and coaching at a remote client (another first), and endured a prolonged separation from my family (not a first, sadly, but still rare).

Amidst these experiences, I found myself signing numerous books for the first time. As I penned my name, I began crafting small messages of good luck and success for the recipients. Over time, these messages evolved into a special blessing for individuals utilizing Kanban and Lean principles in their work lives. Well, others too, but they might discover the value of my wishes through some trial and error.

A blessing is a wish for success and well-being in the future, and my Kanban blessing embodies just that—a series of hopes that, if realized, would lead you to a future filled with prosperity, serenity, and joy.

While blessings typically carry religious connotations (and I’m happy to provide one if you wish), this is simply me having a bit of fun.

Here’s my Kanban blessing:

May the path before your feet always be well visualized to inform, support, and guide you wisely.

May the work in progress be limited to a manageable number of items.

May your flow be as swift as lightning, facilitating rapid learning and continuous improvement.

In the name of Ohno, Deming, and Anderson—Kanban!

I even crafted a visual representation for your reference:

The Kanban Blessing

Now it’s time to bid farewell to China. Until we meet again, thank you for everything. It’s been a pure joy.

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