Marcus and the wall

· October 7, 2020

The thing that I’ve feared but never thought would happen has come to me to.

I have come down with the fatigue syndrome and a depression to follow. This is something that has been building up over many years and bursted out fully after the spring that was very though on me.

It’s now in its fifth week and I’m going to take some kind of program at a clinic that is geared only to handle this type of problems.

I’ve gone mostly of grid. First three weeks was just me crying and sleeping, so I was not much use to anyone anyway. I’ll be keeping it like that (off-grid) for the foreseeable future until I know what I manage.

Lots of confusing feelings right now where I’ve lost all my confidence and self worth while at the same time feel very tired. Right now a single telephone call is enough for me to need a nap, I sleep at least twice a day and then throughout the night, I’m sad and can’t see my future… In short - I’m not feeling well.

I just wanted anyone who wonders to know about my state.

I will get out of this too. Right now I don’t know how, but I’m hopeful it will happen.

Now this blog will be quiet for a long time.


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