Run react-script tests without watch

· May 31, 2021

Oh, man! I’m so happy that I’m still sane. This error was about to drive me crazy.

Here’s the back story - we have about 120 repositories with a lot of exercises and tests. This is nigh on impossible to maintain by hand, so we have written scripts to verify the integrity of each repository. Each script is verifying that installation, linting, and testing works as expected.

The whole thing is built-in bash scripts and for the most part, works just fine. It’s quite rewarding to have it checked automatically, read about it here

But the repositories that have been created with create-react-app have caused problems from day one. They work just fine when we use them normally, but in the script, it’s flaky at best and just hangs at worst.

But. Now. I’ve. Found. A. Solution.

More problem

React-Scripts and Jest

When you use create-react-app it includes some special scripts that encapsulate much of the normal activities, such as starting a development server and running tests. This is done through the react-scripts package. For the react-script test it is internally calling Jest.

No tests found related to files changed since the last commit. is the error message that keeps popping up for us. It’s not an error either but just some information. The problem is that no change has been made, and I still want to rerun all the tests. Force it to run, so to speak.

No watch, please

And I don’t, in the case of running tests, want it to automatically enable watching for file changes. In react-script tests this is the default behaviour

The solution

There is a flag, --watchAll=false that supposedly should help with this, but it didn’t do much for me. But there’s also a special environment variable CI that react-scripts (I think) is looking for.

In the end, the solution was pretty simple (isn’t it always), but it bugged the …. it bugged me for a long time:

Where I previously had

testresult=$(npm t --silent -- --watchAll=false --json --passWithNoTests)
if [[ "$testresult" != *"\"numPassedTests\":0"* ]]
	# ... error reporting and stuff

I now simple add this:

testresult=$(CI=true npm t --silent -- --watchAll=false --json --passWithNoTests)
if [[ "$testresult" != *"\"numPassedTests\":0"* ]]
	# ... error reporting and stuff

CI=true was the solution. I don’t dare to remove the --watchAll

Hope you spent less time than I on this…

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