Introducing ScrAdd - the script adder

· June 17, 2021

I’ve been increasingly annoyed with the fact there’s no easy way to add scripts to a package.json file programmatically. It always messes up my lovely scripts for tutorial setups and other use cases. Very frustrating.

Well … until not that is.

I give you ScrAdd - the script adder.

Let’s say that you are writing a tutorial on how to test next apps. You want the readers just to get to the place where you can start to talk about code. My friend - just scradd in that command and take the rest of the day off!

npx create-next-app demo
cd demo
npx scradd . test "mocha . -R dot -w"
npm i -D mocha

I don’t expect this tool to be widely used and spread but I was pretty fun to write it - the testing was particularly tricky to get working.

Get the code or download the tool using npx scradd

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