Shepherd - a great place for great books

· May 21, 2023

I got invited to share a list of my top five books on leadership and change management. At first I didn’t think more about it but when I started to investigate the site that asked me I found a nugget of gold. is very cool!

Because at Shepherd there are A LOT of authors that have done the same thing as I got asked to do: put toghether their best books on topics that they are interested in. And this is very helpful since the world is overflowing with books and finding the good ones is sometimes often hard.

I’ve always trusted other peoples reccomendations for what to read and I know of no better people to recommend books on their topic than people that have researched and written about their topic.

This idea is what Shepherd is all aboout.

Now if you excuse me, I have some books to read. I just got 8000 new friends that recommended me a few books each…

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