Be good - expiriment week II

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on November 27, 2006
Last week i tried to stay happy through the week no matter the circumstances... Not sure it came of the way i hope. Not all days at least.

I learned so far that you can get pretty far by just keeping your spirits high. It can probably be a bit enjoying for your co-workers but it will get you in a better mood. Also - forcing yourself to be happy will take it's toll somewhere and i was completely exhausted this Friday - not to good.

So this week i will do a combo - I'll try to be happy and take assistance from a friend... that is: I'll start each half day with a small prayer. This happen again and again. I always forget it. Here i have a great resource of power and i fail to remember to use it. But now i will remember.

"They will go forward in prayer"

I'll keep you posted.

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