Chasing bugs

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on March 2, 2007
The last two days has been spent chasing bugs in production environment.

For non-developers this is a bit like trying to fix a broken bridge with traffic still running, i.e. quite scary, stressful and with angry users thinking that you can go faster.

We have now arrived to a solution on the bugs and the reflection phase sets in. Nice...

On of the problems (non-production I'm glad to say) had to do with ASP.NET and Javascript. The customer wanted the ENTER-button to trigger a login-form to submit. But the page had some other parts in the form that also submitted.

This has been troublesome to solve in ASP and ASP.NET for a long time but with ASP.NET 2.0 there is a very nice solution to this problem, an attribute called DefaultButton.

Here is a nice article describing how to use it.

Update: just after implementing this solution we found troubles with Firefox-browsers... Beware! And look here for possible solution

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