Hectict times

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on April 11, 2007
Also - i am now entering one of the more hectic periods of my life (with two free days for the next four weeks, if i remember correctly) so the blogging will probably stand back for a while. But I'll keep you all posted.

The things i am going to do during this time include (strange combination, i must say):
  • playing solo at a concert with SolnaBrass
  • starting new assignment within my work
  • ... and ending the previous one
  • doing talk about SCRUM in front of hundreds (brrrr)
  • presenting two concerts with Gothenburg Brass Band
  • being host at the get-together after Bengt Eklunds funeral
  • standard playing with the Salvation Army at Vasa

Well - interesting times are ahead. I am sure it will be fun... also

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