Home again

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on August 11, 2007

I am home again after four weeks vacation. Feels great and i am really in the mood to get down and do some programming again, and playing, and all the other stuff that i normally do.

The vacation has been filled with wonderful sights (pictures from Croatia included above) and experiences. But, as it always do, you long for home in the end - and that is a good thing right? I mean that means that you like your home the best of the places you been so far - good for me. :)

The news i promised in an earlier post is that we are going to have a baby!

This has already turned much of my world upside down - and the baby is still five months away... I promise some more facts and my thoughts on parenthood etc. in posts to follow. For now we are just very happy!

And no - we don't know the kind (boy/girl) yet.

And yes - there are a lot of twins in the family. High ... risk/chance take your pick :)

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