British Open - the results

· September 17, 2007

OK, my guessing from last week blew up… Dyke didn’t make it three in a row by the narrowest margin as they ended up in second place. It also had to sting a bit extra since Cory (who won) are conducted by Robert Childs brother of Nicholas Childs who conducts Black Dyke.

Now we will never know how the organisers had intended to solve the gold medal problem. It says in the rules (from the 185o’s) that if a band manages to win three times in a row the band cannot compete the following year - AND should also be rewarded a gold medal! That would have been something to see…

4BarsRest really outdid themselves with some marvelous coverage of the event, with live photos even. You could almost feel the tension through the site…

So - now the contesting for the season is open.

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