Great project started

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on March 9, 2008
OK - this last two weeks has been intense. I've started a new project at my customer and it is wild; i am Scrum master (nothing new there;) it's the only way to fly) in a pilot project to create a true SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) at my customer (a big Swedish insurance company).

I am very humbled by the magnitude of the project and where this can take us... At the same time it is so fun; we get to set stuff about the technology (SOA, WCF, Visual Studio 2008, TDD - the works) that i didn't dream of just a few months back. Also it is great to see the true use of SCRUM - it is rocking, as it of course would.

But it has come to my attention that readers of the blog are missing some personal comments on non-IT stuff. This is trademark Marcus Hammarberg behaviour - i get swallowed by new thing.

But i wont leave you hanging out there with nothing to do... So here above are some short postings on interesting things that have happened during the week.

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