WCF, WSDL and tempuri.org

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on April 11, 2008
It's back! Just when we thought that we've seen the dreadful namespace http://tempuri.org is coming back at us with full power.

The feeling you get when a web service is exposed under the namespace tempuri.org is that the developer of that web service is either sloppy or don't now what he is doing.

Well, well - don't be like that when it comes to using WCF. Here is an article describing how to do it. The key points are quite easy:
  • Use the ServiceBehavior attribute. Note: on the service implementation - not on the contract!
  • Set the namespace-property to the namespace you want.

Here is an example (yes, i know, it's in dredded VB.NET):

<ServiceBehavior(Namespace:="http://www.marcusoft.net/Services/2008/04/MyService", )> _
Public Class MyServiceImplementation
implements IService

End Class

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