WCF - wsdl configurations explained

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on April 11, 2008
OK - after an intensive coding session i can now proudly say that I understand 4 attributes of the WCF configurations (of the 1200 + that exists ;))

The attributes that you should set are:

  • ServiceBehavior.Namespace - this get generated as the targetNamepace in the wsdl (instead of http://tempuri.org/). Also you should use this namespace in the endpoint, with the bindingNamespace-attribute in the config-file:
    <endpoint bindingNamespace="http://www.marcusoft.net/Services/" />

  • ServiceBehavior.ConfigurationName - this is the name that you use as service name in the configuration file:
    <service name="OffertTjanst" >
  • ServiceBehavior.Name - the name property has solely to do with the generated wsdl-file. It is generated as the Name-attribute in the wsdl-file:
    <wsdl:definitions name="ListDataTjanst" ...
  • ServiceContract.ConfigurationName - (note: this is on the interface, service contract, all other attributes are on the service implementation) this name is used to reference the interface in the endpoint:
    <endpoint address="..." binding="..." contract="OffertContract" />

As i said at the start. These are the configurations i think are important - and the ones i feel really comfortable with... up to now.

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