OOP hardcore principles

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on May 20, 2008
Here is a short list of good practices that caused quite a stir in the designer community at Avega.


My thoughts on the subject are that these are some excellent quidelines and a vision of a code quality that you might never reach. Also as the blogger suggests, it might be a good way to force people to move away from procedural coding - as for example when upgrading from VB6 to VB.NET.

I have not followed all of these in my current project (it would lead to a loo-ot of classes and assemblies) but having them nailed to the wall has given my an oppurtunity to learn and use some of the guidelines. And lo, and behold - my design was better and my code more readable.

He might be onto something here, the good Brikenstock...

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