Create textfile on the fly in build scripts

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on January 30, 2009

Yesterday we did a final touch to our build script (by we I mean "I talked about it for five minutes, Christer did it").

We wanted to create a bat-file that installs our database in a certain version to a certain environment. So - the information we need to be able to do that is only know at runtime in the build-script.

From what I could remember there was a MSBuild community task for this - this was my input.

Christer then found the task WriteLinesToFile and wrote the following target that creates a bat-file as above.

      <CmdLine Include = "@ECHO OFF"/>
      <CmdLine Include = "ECHO About to install version $(BuildVersion) on environment $(DeployEnv)"/>
      <CmdLine Include = "SET /p passw=Enter DB password for $(DeployEnv): " />
      <CmdLine Include = "CALL main.bat $(DeployEnv) . $(BuildVersion) %passw%"/>
      <CmdLine Include = "PAUSE"/>
    <WriteLinesToFile File="$(PublishWebSitePath)\Database\Installera_$(DeployEnv)_version_$(BuildVersion).bat"


This version will wait for a password from the user so that the  password didn't need to be hard coded into the script.

Nice Christer - Nice!

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