Last day - new chapter

· January 30, 2009

I have come to a fork in the road of my life (that almost sound like a poem :)).

Today is the last day on the assignment where I have, as ever, learned a lot. This time I have picked up SOA, WCF, TFS, AOP and build scripts - and of course SCRUM.

The Scrum part of this was almost a religious experience.  I am a different and better consultant after learning SCRUM. I won’t ever go back.

The future hold six months together with Albert and Elin. I will be “daddy-free” (direct translation of “pappaledig” for all you Swedish readers). This is a truly amazing thing that we have in Sweden where you actually get money from the government to be home with your kids. Amazing!

Elin is working nights right now which means that she has a lot of free time during days. This means that we can be together a lot which I am really looking forward to.

So that’s my agenda for the next six months; daddy-free! See ya!

PS. I have just bought Clean Code and Patterns of Enterprise Architecture - so I will read them. Also I have plans on starting a little hobby project to learn DDD, TDD and ASP.NET MVC. I’ll get back to you on that - if I do that… DS.

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