Add coolness to your presentations

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on September 28, 2009

Yeah – I know that I already has written about an online PowerPoint, but this tool actually replaces the need for that and PowerPoint altogether.

I often found myself hacking away on a presentation just to find that I is sooo boring at the end. A lot of slides with a lot of bullet points on. I know that you can make it nicer and cooler in PowerPoint but I don’t know how.

Here is the tool that helps with that – Prezi. It’s more like making presentable mind maps but it works really great. Even I can make things that looks … well, not bad any way.

It could also be one of the coolest GUI’s I ever worked with.

Here is my first try, summing up some stuff that David Andersson wrote on the flip chart during the Kanban class last week.

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