Marcus doing new stuff

· September 11, 2009

Two big things will (or are in the progress of) happen this weekend.

The first is that I have gone over to the dark side. Yes, I know, I couldn’t resists anymore. The temptation was to great.


I have bought a Mac Book Pro. And have just installed it – that process was so smooth. I want to do it again!

OK – the next thing is that I will speak at a conference for the first time ever. Actually it’s a Un-conference, for Sweden. And it’s a lightning talk but that only makes it harder I think. 10 minutes – it’s not much.

The subject is “Let Fluent NHibernate test your mappings”. And it relates to some of my late findings.

I know that I have spoken some bad words about Apple so I suspect some pretty harsh comments from some areas (Fredrik? Magnus? Svante?).

Shoot! I am ready.

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