Life changing events

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on November 26, 2009

Often you can’t see them until afterwards… the events that really changed the course of your life. But in retrospect you can almost always point a single point in time when your life took a certain path.

Yesterday wasn’t one of those event. I know exactly when it happened. 15:12 2009-11-25.

We are going to have a second child. So we went to the ultrasound examination to see that everything was in order. And it was.

The nurse: He is the divider-wall (sorry but the non-techie English).
Me (thinking): I never heard about no divider-wall when Albert was in there.
Nurse: And here is the first fetus.
Me: Ok… the first one. Nice…. What! First one!

After that the nurse had to leave us. Two takes longer than one. So I told Elin; that just now, that was a life changing event.

So we’re going to have TWINS! In April!

It’s still very new and a bit hard to get used to, but it will hopefully sink in soon. I still have some trouble seeing myself as a dad – now I’m gonna be a big-family-guy/dad.

Right now we’re tossed between extreme happiness and strong bewilderment. Mostly happy.

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