Red Beads and Limited WIP Society

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on December 14, 2009

I attended the second Limited WIP Society (Sweden) gathering. It’s a bunch of people that has taken liking in Kanban practices.

This evening David J Andersson joined us and he gave a very interesting presentation on Kanban teams reach CMMI 5 level, i.e. ranked as very mature. This is, apparently, not repeated by team doing other agile methods.

OK – during the second half me and Joakim Sundén presented the Red Bead Experiment. Well played it out I think would be a more appropriate word for it. It’s a game that aims to drive home the point Dr. W. Edwards Deming - “a bad system will beat a good person every time”

If you haven’t seen it before there is an excellent recording with Benjamin Mitchell and David Joyce. 

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