SpecFlow presentation at Sweden Progressive .NET

· February 20, 2011

I got an invitation to Sweden Progressive .NET (the group formerly known as Alt.Net Sweden) to do a presentation on SpecFlow. I known many of the people in this group, a lot of them work for Avega, and have the highest respect for their knowledge. So to get an invite from them to talk about a BDD tool was really… cool. And a bit nervous. But it also made me up my game and I put quite a lot of time into creating a demonstration project that shows the different features of SpecFlow and how to use the ins and out of them. Of course, I created features for them so that you easily can read and understand the features without even have to look at code. This was inspired by how TechTalk themselves spec’s out new features of SpecFlow and proved to work very well. I plan to update the as new features comes along. I also threw together a simple (very simple) demonstration site and two different specification projects that shows how you would write .features against the controller (“just under GUI”) level and directly against the UI also. You find the project here.  And here is the presentation.

**[Specification by example with specflow 110217](http://www.slideshare.net/marcusoftnet/specification-by-example-with-specflow-110217 "Specification by example with specflow 110217")**
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