The kanban blessing

· October 28, 2017

This week have been a long list of firsts for me, as I have been in China (1st time) and done a full week of training and coaching at a remote client (1st) and also been away from my family for a pro-longed week (sadly not first but seldom).

I have also signed a lot of books (1st) and I started to come up with some small sentences of wishing good luck and success for the people I signed the book for. Putting them all together they became a nice blessing for people using kanban and lean thinking in their work life. Ah, well others too, of course but they would discover the value of my wishes through some pain.

A blessing is a wish for success and well-being in the future and my kanban blessing is just that - some hopes that if they were true would place you in a wonderful future of prosperity, calmness and fun.

Usually blessings are of religious sorts (and you can get one of those from me also, should you want to), but this is just me having a little fun.

Here we go:

May the path before your feet always be well visualized to inform, support and help you to be wise

And may the work in your progress be limited to a low number of items

May forever your flow be fast as lightning, to help you learn fast and improve

In the name of Ohno, Deming and Anderson


I even took the time to make a nice picture for you should you want to refer to it later.

The kanban blessing - CC3.0 Marcus Hammarberg

Ok - time to go home. See you again China. Thanks for everything. It was a pure joy.

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