OOP hardcore principles

Here is a short list of good practices that caused quite a stir in the designer community at Avega.


My thoughts on the subject are that these are some excellent quidelines and a vision of a code quality that you might never reach. Also as the blogger suggests, it might be a good way to force people to move away from procedural coding - as for example when upgrading from VB6 to VB.NET.

I have not followed all of these in my current project (it would lead to a loo-ot of classes and assemblies) but having them nailed to the wall has given my an oppurtunity to learn and use some of the guidelines. And lo, and behold - my design was better and my code more readable.

He might be onto something here, the good Brikenstock…

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Sprint demo again...

OK, it’s that time of the sprint, as we say… This sprint has been a bit special since we not have hade access to all team members during the whole sprint. It has been a lot of vacations and holes in the schedule. Despite this we have delivered the things we set out to do and can go to the sprint demo with our head held high.

I am again blown away by how SCRUM is able to engage team members and get the most out of each person, even with a very limited time slot. Also it’s so easy to learn. We have three members who never have used SCRUM before this project and they are now, since 2 sprints back, in charge of the Scrum board (we look in via web camera).

OK - I am not that nervous for the demo itself but a bit nervous for...

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Gifted elephant

This is a video that made me happy today… The, now world famous, painting elephant.

It’s truly amazing to see an animal have such good feeling and self-knowledge. I am humbled before it.

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Back on the shelter

Another night on the shelter for the Salvation Army. Today it has been quite warm outside but for the men visiting the shelter that only means that they will arrive a bit later.

Just think for yourself, when you walk home late a summer night, even if it is warm - would you trade that for a bed? I know i wouldn’t…

I am always filled with some sort of sorrow when I see the guest here at the shelter. They are, many of them, younger than me. And already they are on the bottom of our society… Others have been there for years and years.

We are so privileged in our daily lives and so seldom stop and appreciate it. Most of us have families, friends and co-workers that cares about how we are doing. We have stuff to do (work for example) - that’s another thing to...

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Way out book on Ruby

This is the most creative, flipped out, and maybe scary thing I’ve ever read on a technical subject - http://poignantguide.net/ruby/

It’s a online book about Ruby. But the guy who has written it seems a little…. odd to say the least. He has really taken the concept of learning to a whole new level. Bad or good - judge for yourselves.

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Managing dynamic controls in an ASP.NET page

The last couple of days (well actually for my parts it’s more like months or years) we have been discussion the management of dynamic controls in ASP.NET pages. In my experience this is a very common scenario and i haven’t still found a great way to handling it.

To explain better I’ll just a very simple fictive scenario; imagine that a page has a button “Create new control”. Next to the button is a textbox in which you can type the typename of the control to create (CheckBox, TextBox etc.). When you click the button the control, of the right type, is created.

Now for the “hard” part. Below the created control is another button “What was entered?”. When that button is clicked the code should, of course, read the content of the dynamically created control and print the value that was entered.

Pretty simple, eh? Well it’s not so...

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Punk being nice

Yesterday I followed a few links from the “Go around twice if you are happy”-video and as it turns out there are a whole community doing these kind of “nice” punk actions.

If you want to see some similar stuff try the WoosterCollective, especially the following categories (some are quite strong, you have been warned, but most are fun or just good):

Also be warned - it is almost impossible to stop browsing the site…

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Made me smile

Here is two short videos that made me happy in the morning. The first is a song with Oh Laura. The lead is performed by a friend of mine, Jörgen Kjellgren.

The second one is a ... well prank, maybe. Some people has put up some signs in a Arabic town which says things like "Stop here if you rather have been in bed" or "Turn around twice in the roundabout if your are happy". Then they have filmed the result. It's quite gratifying to watch.
And no-one is getting hurt, no misfortune is happing to anyone. And still it's funny. Just think...
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Avega - I like it!

My company, Avega, is back from a conference on Iceland.

The conference in it self was a great success. Very well organised, good weather (which does NOT happen often at Iceland, from what i understand), great fun with great people.

But once again I come to think about how blessed I am with my surroundings. I’ll give you an picture which I have experienced several times the last year or so:

Think about when you have done something extra with others, for example went to a camp, a great vacation or some thing else of that kind. When you are traveling home you always get a strange feeling with a strong sense of wanting it to go on, don’t you?

Well, for me, it does!

This weekend i have had some great times with a great bunch of people. Lots of interesting, fun and engaging discussions and get...

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2008 European Championships - the results

The European is now to an end and some shocking results was delivered…. Here is the complete results, where you can note that the Oberoesterreich Brass Band were placed 10/11 which is really strange since they got some raving reviews.

For our Swedish contender things didn’t work out to well. I think that the approach to a competition is shown very clear with the results. For band - with a lot of amateurs, like Stavanger, Cory or Willebroek - it’s life and death stuff. For bands with mostly pros things aren’t as serious. And then you don’t win any competitions against the other group. A 9 place for Stockholm Brass Band may have been a correct adjudication.

And for me things went quite well. My predictions had the right three top bands, but not in the right order. I am not a big fan...

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