Scary stuff - all of the list

· April 24, 2007

OK, the weekend is over (yes, prolonged i know) and my list of scary stuff is now down to almost nothing. Which i take that i am not afraid of nothing anymore - good!

On Sunday i was presenter on the last concert of Gothenborg Brass Band. Sad - but i tried to keep the focus of that fact and keep focus on the music instead. For me the concert also was a milestone since the conductor was Nicholas Childs - the musical director of Black Dyke Band, brass band personality extraordinaire and one of my childhood idols. I still have posters of him (and his brother Robert) on my boy room wall.

The concert went well with a bit of awkward twist since an early flight spoiled the order of the program. From what i heard in the audience that didn’t interfere much. The band was also in excellent form. Good to hear!

Yesterday, Monday, was a sad day when the funeral of Bengt Eklund took place. The service was very nice(?) and a lot of fitting and good music was played. There was a lot of tears and sobbing though, and the farewell from the band is a memory that will stay with me forever. Thank you guys for letting me be a part of it.

Afterwards was a small get-together which in turn was a quite happy and bright event. I really enjoyed hear all the people talk and laugh about nice memories from Bengt.

So three big “thank you”-s are in order:

  • Bengt - thank you for your energy, inspiration and good mood. I now understand that it was all by love. I am so proud to have called you my friend. Thank you for everything Bengt.
  • Kerstin - thank you for trusting in me and for your confidence that i would pull it off. You made me strong and I hope that I could help you and your family in some way. Thank you
  • GBB - thanks for letting me into the band again and again. I feel like one of you and my thumbs are already white for you doing well at the Europeans.

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