Baby - for real

· August 27, 2007

As I’ve hinted in earlier post we are going to have a baby! In January 2008.

Up to now a lot of things has been questions and guessing about how many, kind and most important health. But on Friday we went to an ultra-sonic scan and got to know a lot:

  • There is one - there are a lot of twins in the family but that is up to another family member to handle as it seems
  • It is a healthy person - and no we haven’t found out sex on it yet
  • It was a quite astonishing experience - i couldn’t imagine that they move around that much. We saw leg movements, hand waves and even a full turn. I have though about gymnast but can’t figure out who of Elin and me that came from.

So now we know that we can stay in our apartment for a while and that everything is alright so far. A great relief.

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