Happy birthday - Marcus inside (www.marcusoft.net)

· October 29, 2007

Today i have had this blog for a whole year. I never thought that it would evolve to this. Here are some interesting (?) facts and statics.

  • First - i was wrong of course - the first posting was actually on 2006-10-24 but i have only have had statics since 2006-10-29.
  • Total number of posts: 270. Which average to 0.73 post a day.
  • 39 people has commented these posting
  • 7404 pages has been served to 1667 different visitors
  • Top content is the sketch Mor i skutan with 168 hits
  • Best visitor day was 2007-10-15 with 98 different visitors
  • I’ve changed the layout for the blog 4 times (if i remember correctly)
  • 2007-08-27 was another important date in the history of the blog since the URL and name was changed into the current marcusoft.net So - there you have it - happy birthday marcusoft.net

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