Automation of integration tests

Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on October 28, 2008

In my current project we have reached a very good code coverage percent (98,7 %, yes we are proud) - but we are aspiring to take it a step further.

We are now constructing a series of integration test, used to run through the actual production code an verifying that everything works as expected.

Said and done - I implemented a few test that did that. Soon though some questions and problems arose;

  • Integration test assumes that something is released and the that tests are executed against that release
  • You don't want the integration test to be executed when a developer is running the unit test on his development machine inside Visual Studio.

When looking around on the net it seems that many people are missing the Category-attribute from NUnit in MSTest. That looked like a very nice way to solve the problem but it is not present in MSTest. They instead talk about test-lists but that doesn't solve the problem with running the unit test locally on the developer machine.

We solved it with a bit more brute force... I created a separate solution with just the integration tests in it. That solution is added to the SolutionToBuild property group in my build script so that it is compiled. Then I run the test in the integration test dll via an exec-task that run MSTest. That part is only run when a new deploy is made.

Quite easy and maybe not the most beautiful solution ... but it works.


See this for how we solved the testing in our build script

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