About this blog

· December 30, 2008

Lately I have been asked the question why I have this blog, several times actually. I honestly thought that I wrote that in the first posting I did, but it was very short. Not even when I change into www.marcusoft.net I wrote something about it.

But the reason for the blog is, and has always been this simple: I write about things that interest me and when they catches my attention. For several years I did notes in diffrent kind of notebooks at different customers. Always forgot them when I left. So now I have them in one place. I often link to the blog for solutions to problems I have and solve.

I then and then write about private stuff also, in the same manner - when it feels good.

I write in english to keep my english up to date.

So there you have - the reason for this blog and why I keep it.

PS. The implications and “reach” of the blog has been way more than I ever expected. I have around 700 visitiors (lost about 200 visits/month with the Avega blog) each month from all around the globe. DS

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