Arvid and Gustav

· March 25, 2010

The last week have really been something extra. Last Friday, early morning we got some signs on that the twins were on their way.

Born on the 19 of Marsch - the Hammarberg twins

And 11 hours later they had arrived.

Gustav Hammarberg

Since then Gustav (twin 2) has been sick. The short story is that being born to early his lungs had not developed fully. And he has also been a better and is not on his way to a full recovery. We’re hoping to be back home with the twins in the beginning of the next week.

Arvid Hammarberg

Arvid (twin 1 with ca 30 min) is a very calm and peaceful person so far. Gustav has a bit more temper. But they are both quite easy going. Gustav looks a lot like me and Arvid is a bit thinner in his looks.

I thought I post some pictures on them. Here you go:

Together again

Arvid and Gustav sleeping together again

And more sleeping - now in hats

And here with their eyes open

For people reading this blog searching for IT-stuff; I’ll be back on that track. Other stuff seems so much more important right now. Like children.

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