Calling SOAPUi Testscript from MSBuild

· April 14, 2010

Yes, I know that I have written about this before, with several updates. But I have now solved some issues with setting different endpoints for different services and thought that I might need to update the MSBuild-script to be able to call with those parameters also.

Again – the script I am starting off is written by Todd of the Tar Pit. I’ve just tweaked it to take project property as input. That was the recommended way to change the endpoint for one service, to set the endpoint to a projectwide parameter.

So, here is what the new MSBuild targets looks like.

And here is a DOS-command that runs the MSBuild-target TestAll with the project property set to a endpoint.

Please note that I was running this on a 64-bit Windows 7 and got some strange paths (Framework64) that you want to change..

You can download my complete (now updated) project from here.

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