Marcus Node Bits - Writing stuff down is great to remember it

· February 5, 2014

I have been playing with NodeJs during the evenings. Really late onto that train, but here we are. In fact, this is just by coincidence; I happened to bring “JavaScript - the good parts” to Indonesia and it was the only book I had. Once I had read that awesome book, I got invited to write a review for the NancyFx book by Christian Horsdal and got a free book for my effort. I just picked one and it happened to be Mastering Node.js.

After that book and my head had stopped spinning, we still had to wait for our belongings to arrive in Indonesia. I had nothing to read or code. So I thought I would put my Node-knowledge into action and started to check out Express.

Here we are. I haven’t really coded anything real, but rather read, labbed, and followed a lot of tutorials. But I’ve picked a couple of things that I’ve found very useful. I really don’t know how to classify them, but maybe it could be called patterns, as in “ways I often end up working”.

BIG DISCLAIMER - these are just my remember list. I’m getting old. I forget stuff. I write it here. I’m getting old. I forget … no… wait… What I’m saying is that you shouldn’t expect to be blown away by the depth and innovation here. But I can almost guarantee that you and I haven’t thought about the same things. You might pick something interesting up.

This will be super long if I put everything into a single post. So I’ll do many small posts instead. Here’s the link list:

I’m also planning to write a “putting it all together” post where I create a little back-end API for a small site using the “patterns” I’ve written about.

I’ve learned a lot from different sources, but one that I keep coming back to is the excellent writings of Azat Mardanov on his blog Thank you sir!

The Node course at TekPub is awesome too and be sure to check it out.

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