Screencast - Installing Koa Js - A Tutorial Through Failures

· May 23, 2014

When I first started to use Koa Js, I was, like many I presumed, slowed down by the fact that Koa is using features in JavaScript not yet released in the current Node, like generators for example.

When you’re quite new to a subject, the errors that you are greeted with can be quite confusing. And the solutions are often not obvious. So, I did a short screencast showing off the failures that I ran into when I tried to get started with Koa. It’s a tutorial through failures, quite simple.

I hope you enjoy it.

There are also some tips that have helped me in there. If you prefer reading about how to install this, it’s basically the same content as this blog post.

I used my iPhone mic this time and that took some of the clickety-click sounds away, even if it also made my voice a bit murky (if possible). Still no solution to improve the resolution. I have to look into that some more.

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