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Posted by Marcus Hammarberg on June 18, 2015

This is the third presentation I’ve done on mission, vision and strategic plans (and other stuff too). The time has come to strategic plans.

A strategic plan outlines our ideas, suggestions and plans for taking us from where we are today to … closer to the vision.

Here’s all the post in the series (the links will work as I post them):

Please read the reason and ideas behind the entire series in the first post.

First of all I realized that we often miss the “where we are today” part of doing a strategic plan, so I have a little discussion about that in the presentation.

Then I talk a little bit about measurements and that our plans need to be flexible for the change coming. I hint about the upcoming Impact Mapping presentation that helps with that.

As for example, this time I had to make an example up. This is telling in it self since this is not how a company THINKs that they will outsmart the competition. Most companies are not willing to give that up, as they do with the mission and vision.

I end the presentation with a short discussion about the Scientific method and how that can help us to construct experiments rather than plans that we “need” to execute.

You can view the presentation here:

And find the slides here:

20 minutes on strategic plans from Marcus Hammarberg

I hope you like it - love your feedback!

And yes - the title of the slides suggest that this is a bit longer than it is… But it says ca, right :)

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