Marcus and the wall

The thing that I’ve feared but never thought would happen has come to me to.

I have come down with the fatigue syndrome and a depression to follow. This is something that has been building up over many years and bursted out fully after the spring that was very though on me.

It’s now in its fifth week and I’m going to take some kind of program at a clinic that is geared only to handle this type of problems.

I’ve gone mostly of grid. First three weeks was just me crying and sleeping, so I was not much use to anyone anyway. I’ll be keeping it like that (off-grid) for the foreseeable future until I know what I manage.

Lots of confusing feelings right now where I’ve lost all my confidence and self worth while at the same time feel very tired. Right now a single telephone call is...

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Role Models - Lars Littorin - the senior consultant

I’ve started a little series of some (by far not all) of the people that have shaped me during my career as a consultant. The more I think back of the things they said, did, and taught me - the more I can see how I’m using their advice just about every week.

Today the turn has come to a colleague that I had at Cap Gemini - the first senior consultant that I worked with and someone that made a huge impact on me and my ways; Lars Littorin

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Role models - Christian the developer

I’ve just started a series about a few a the people that have shaped, influenced, and affected me throughout my career. The reason I’m writing about this now is that I lately have had the opportunity to be a role model for other young developers - I notice that much of what I say and do comes from others; things I’m saying, manners I’ve picked up, approaches to code, development, and life in general.

I am, as the saying goes, standing on the shoulders of giants. For what they have done for me I’m very grateful and I wanted to show that gratitude here.

The first post was about Staffan - that showed me servant leadership and what a consultant is. Today it’s about Christian Forsberg, a rock ‘n roll developer.

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Role models - Staffan the consultant

I have a great job! I get to work with a lot of young people and get to train developers in the early stages of their careers. It’s absolutely amazing to see people develop in these early steps of their career.

But it also creates a weird feeling for me - since I, to them, comes out like an old sage telling stories that are long-forgotten about how the web was when the world was forged. Back in 1996 and stuff. I feel both a bit like Gandalf - both in age, length, and how I’m addressed.


It’s scary. Because, if we’re going to be a bit more serious, I realize that I become a role model for some of them. How to behave, act, say, and think about our work. This is especially real when we talk about agile practices and techniques,...

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Bash scripting to check the status of 100 repositories

At </salt> we have a lot of labs and tests. Last time I counted we just passed 100 repositories. And it’s dawned on me that all of those need some love and attention from time to time. Stuff moves pretty fast in the JavaScript world and dependencies might start to act up etc.

At least you’d want to check out the code, do an installation of dependencies and then run the test and see that you get the expected behavior. Preferably you’d also wanna see that we don’t have deprecated dependencies or broken stuff. And probably check this, at least once before each course.

This is what scripts are made for, right? Automate the boring stuff.

The only problem is that since we are teaching a lot of different technologies and tools, not two repositories are the same; this one uses Docker and this is actually just text, and...

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Remote work, transparency, and feedback

In these very strange times, we see a lot of change; some are really sad, devastating, and depressing. While others are encouraging and celebrate humankind’s will and capacity to survive and overcome.

Others still, are just interesting to observe and learn from. These last weeks I’ve noticed two new realizations about two of my favorite topics; feedback and transparency. They too, it turns out, are affected by the changes in our ways of life due to the corona pandemic we are living under now.

This post reflects a few thoughts and ramblings that I’ve had in my head for some time. I’m not hoping to solve world problems here, but just get some reasoning down.

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Experience report: first week of 2 x 5 mobs going remote

I’ve just experienced something fantastic and a real testament to what amazing people can do when given the room to be amazing (and have an apparent and real reason to do so)

A week back, our accelerated career program; School of Applied Technology - the world’s toughest coding bootcamp were running five mob programming teams (that we call mobs) in two locations. This is how we teach and it has given us amazing results so far.

But it’s not cool being the “let’s sit as close together as possible for 8 h per day”-teacher in times of Covid-19 infection spreading across the world.

So in the middle of last week we started to make plans. Last Friday we had a “just in case”-lecture on tooling for our 5 Amsterdam mobs. Then during the weekend, things escalated in Sweden and we decided to move over the 5 Stockholm mobs...

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Listing and cloning private GitHub repos - some fun with bash and curl

My current role is awesome - I get do do some agile coaching, quite a lot of teaching, reading up on new tech and from time to time some programming.

Yesterday evening someone just blurted out: what if all of us died at once?! All the code and documentation would be hidden in a cloud somewhere and we will not be able to get it.

That cloud is GitHub and I’m sure it would be safe and that the risk that we all die at the same time is relatively low. Then again - I have booked a raw chicken tasting for our next offsite …

Just kidding - but when that was said my programmer-self sprung to life and I deviced, in my head, a simple script to make an offline copy.

This post describes that script. Oh - I only had 30 minutes spare time to do it...

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How do I kanbanize my 300 items backlog - a response

I got a question, on twitter, the other week about how to handle a long list of backlog items on a kanban board. Here’s the original tweet:

And my adequate translation. The tweet by “The Doubter”

Hey @marcusoftnet. We got a backlog of 300+ un-organised and unprioritized stories that will pass through our #kanban board the coming 10 months. How can we “group” stories to simplify refinement and dependencies between stories?

– by epics?

– funktional areas?

I got his permission to repond here on the blog. It’s a response and...

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