The value of an ubiquitous language

A few days back we had a mail-wise discussion on the subject; why should we care about an ubiquitous language?

For me the question falls into two parts; for the whole company/business or for the application.

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Life changing events

Often you can’t see them until afterwards… the events that really changed the course of your life. But in retrospect you can almost always point a single point in time when your life took a certain path.

Yesterday wasn’t one of those event. I know exactly when it happened. 15:12 2009-11-25.

We are going to have a second child. So we went to the ultrasound examination to see that everything was in order. And it was.

The nurse: He is the divider-wall (sorry but the non-techie English). Me (thinking): I never heard about no divider-wall when Albert was in there. Nurse: And here is the first fetus. Me: Ok… the first one. Nice…. What! First one!

After that the nurse had to leave us. Two takes longer than one. So I told Elin; that just now, that was a life changing event.

So we’re going to have TWINS!...

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DataSource in Oracle Connectionstrings

I had already forgot about this one… The Oracle-way of doing things is different and feels quite old to me.

Here is a short recap, it’s just for me later on – you could probably skip the next paragraph…

Normally you configure your Oracle client (ODP.NET for example) to use a datasource. This is datasource is then searched for in a file called tnsnames.ora. In tnsnames.ora you’ll find the server, port etc. that is needed to connect to the database. However – this means that you’ll need to make sure that tnsnames.ora is present and correctly configured on all the servers you plan to deploy your app on.

So – glad to be back with you – instead of this ugly tnsnames.ora thing you can put all of that information into your connectionstring:

<connectionstrings> <add name="ConnectionName" connectionstring="Data Source=(DESCRIPTION =(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL...
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Testing ASP.NET MVC application with Session state

I ran into trouble when I tried to use Session-state in an ASP.NET MVC application.

The hit came when I tried to write a unit test for the Action-method that stored stuff in the Session-object.

For a short while I found myself pondering that, but then I ran home to mummy – MVC Contrib. My God – they have much useful in there.

The thing that save me this time was the TestHelper, that solved exactly my problem.

Installed in three minutes and up and running again in five. Great!

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Agile testing – some thoughts after an excellent Elevate-evening

Yesterday was another Elevate-evening and again I was impressed by the diversity and knowledge of the consultants of Avega.

The theme for last night was; Agile Testing. This is an area that has confused and frustrated (is that a word?) me for some time. I haven’t got it to work in any of the agile teams I have been leading. Here are sample of my failures (as in failure is good – an opportunities to learn :));

  • No testers and no testing in the team. This was a disaster. We did agile development but when we were done a 3 month testing phase took place. Sounds a lot like waterfall to me. And we didn’t harvest any of the goodness that agile can bring.
  • Testers in the team – but not doing agile testing. So we decided to move testers into the team. But they...
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Marcus trying JQuery

I still cannot believe that JavaScript has become so big… This is a language that many of us laughed at just a couple years back – but now we all stand corrected.

OK, swallowing my pride I am still happy that a number of JavaScript libraries has emerged so that I don’t have to hack it all by my own. Again…

One of the most talked libraries about these days is JQuery, which I actually thought was some kind of LINQ-dialect. But even if don’t have to hack it myself, I still need to learn it. And also CSS apparently since JQuery works a lot with CSS-classes and stuff.

Luckily there are some great tutorials and screencast (which I happen to like more) out there. Here is my recommended starter. It’s for designers so beware of some funky words and coolness from the presenter…

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