Over soon

As you might have notices the activity on the blog has been quite low for a couple of weeks. This has to do with loads of stuff piling up at work and a fully booked private calender.

The new project, that I am involved in at work, is really fun but also one of the most dazed I’ve been in. We are throwing ideas out the window every other hour. Last week I was in a design meeting from Monday morning at nine to Thursday afternoon at three. Also - as always in between these hectic meetings it’s quite hard to have thing to be busy with all the time. Confusing but very true - it will be a great project when we get the form for it (and we are well under way…)

Private - there have been things to do almost every day for the last three weeks...

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Marcusoft - Now in many languages

Today I found a nice little tool from Google that helps readers of this blog to understand the content of it in a better way.

The tool “simply” translates the page, http://www.marcusoft.net/ in this case, into the language of your choice. Pretty cool!

I found it when my father told me that some of the nuances of the blog were lost in their translation of my page. Let’s see if Google with do a better job.

So here you go - http://www.marcusoft.net/ in 25 languages! All thanks to Google

Yeah - that’s right.. you’ll find the tool to the right, just below my links.

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First laughter from Albert

Yesterday we heard the first chuckle and laughter from Albert… It was a very special feeling - for the first time you could sense his voice, how he will sound when he talks. Also it was very moving to see him so happy. He couldn’t keep it in…

What made him laugh so, you might wonder? I told him to cough and tried to show him how. Apparently that was hilarious and he couldn’t stop to laugh.

I’ll try to catch it on picture the next time and upload it here. You’ll have to do with this picture in the mean time.

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Butchering Star Wars

Normally I don’t like to laugh at misfortune but this is just to much. From what I understand this is from a beauty pageant in USA. You know, one part of the competition is to show off a talent. And this unfortunate girl was told (I presume) to play the trumpet and dance.

Said and done - this clip is now a legendary clip on YouTube with about 3 million views. Here you go:

I don't even put it in the music-category as you might understand...
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Web Service Factory

Following a tip from Robban I’ve been checking out the Web Service Factory tool from Microsofts Patterns and Practices gang.

Robban and I were discussing the use of Contract First design in an upcoming project and I was interested to see if there were any good tools out there.

Well as it turns out there are good tools… but the one that seemed to be most complete was the Web Service Factory (horrendous name, by the way…). Also for us Microsoft-coders the PoP-gang is well-known and often delivers with great quality.

I have now been checking it out and it is good. Here is some of the stuff I’ve been checking out

I am not yet convinced that we will go this...

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Vista - running programs with an elevated command prompt

I just ran into an problem with installing a program on my Vista machine. That particular program needed to be installed from “an elevated command prompt”. That is; a command prompt running as administrator.

There are a number of ways to do this and they are all covered here. That article talks about how to run the command prompt in an elevated mode and my favorite trick is to:

  • type CMD in Start->Run…
  • hit CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER - which is the shortcut to run things as administrator
  • Viola! - you’re running as admin ;)
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ReSharper and the messed up Intellisense

Let me at the start of the post first say that I love ReSharper. It is by far the best refactoring support that can be found for VB.NET. I haven’t yet used it for C# but are told but esteemed colleague that it rocks.

But… (there is always a but isn’t it?) it messes up the Intellisense in my Visual Studio. The same colleague (kudos to Jocke) tipped me on how to solve it and here it is;

Open the options for ReSharper and choose Intellisens->General->Use Visual Studio. This will not give you as much support for “Smart Completion” but I’ll take that over missing Intellisense everyday in the week, and twice on Sundays.

Next - open the Visual Studio options and recheck that you have Intellisense enabled for are your languages.

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Oracle and .NET - start here

I’ve actually managed to avoid using Oracle through my now 10 years as a consultant. Up to now - and now I am really looking forward to it.

Here are some starters that I’ve found useful as introductions:

My… that was not a very long list. I promise to update it as I read…

**[UPDATED] **The list is a bit longer now… Still not impressive though

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Weekend over - let's rest

This weekend was one of the hectic I’ve been through in a long time. But in retrospective also one of the most exciting and rewarding.

Going backwards;

  • Yesterday night we played a musical service at the Temple in Stockholm. Quite a good turnout with people - and many of the performances were the best during the complete rehearsal period.
  • Before that - photo session with the Vasa Band for our CD - Priority. That was very fun and I hope and think that the pictures will be nice
  • During the afternoon we went to Abbes first children birthday party. Viola turned 1 year!
  • The Sunday started with our prayer group being in charge of the Sunday morning meeting. Abbes has got a small cold so I wasn’t present for the whole meeting but it felt alright until I left.
  • The Saturday was entirely devoted for...
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