In Control II - Bobby McFerrin

Bobby McFerrin is known to a broader audience for the summer-hit “Don’t worry, be happy”. But that is such a little part of his work. And his real genius lies in his voice.

This guy has control, and loads of it. When I heard this clip yesterday I found myself with my mouth open through out the whole thing. And then I checked this out where he improvises over a Air by Bach. My good! He is the king!

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The vacation - short recap

As I wrote earlier I’ve just spent four wonderful weeks on vacation. Great times and great feeling to do something completely different for a month.

First we went to Skåne and stayed for a week in Ystad, in this nice cottage.

Only about 1.90 m in height but it worked out alright. In the surrounding fields Elin took a Gladiator-inspired photo.

Then we went to Ängelholm at the other side of Skåne and stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast, Galleri Grythyttan, with a very beautiful view from our bedroom window.S


Then we went to Denmark to visit my parents and sister. The Denmark visit included a short stop at Skagen where two oceans meet. Powerful stuff!

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WCF, WSDL and differences from web services

I’m back after a four week vacation (oh yeah - us Swedes really has things going for us). More about the vacation later. First thing to learn this “season” is that the WSDL generated by WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) services differs from the one generated with ASMX web services.

The main difference is that the WSDL is generated with some kind of virtual links. That is; parts of the WSDL-file is retrieved using a different URL. For example: schemaLocation=”http://localhost:3236/Bokforing.svc?xsd=xsd0

This seems to be working fine in Visual Studio 2008 (and hopefully in 2005 also), since they are capable of navigating such references. But there are problems when you want to send the WSDL-file to someone as an attachment, or in other environment that can’t navigate such links.

Fortunally Christian Weyer has a suggestion on how to solve this. There are also some other very useful...

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Modelling - the result

As I wrote earlier I have done another “photo session” for Avega. Who knew that such assignments were to take place at a software consultant firm ;).

I then promised to show the result and here it is.

I am really pleased with the result. It almost looks like it was drawn or something. Really cool colors. It is a great photographer. The model leaves more to wish for but you’ll have to work with what you’ve got…

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Bus drivers on strike in Stockholm

This spring there has been strikes for some groups of workers who actually might need it; nurses for example. And right now, in the beginning of the vacation times, the bus drivers of Stockholm has gone on strike. This in turn leads to a lot more people in the subway and commuter trains.

But we are still not even near an ordinary day in the Tokyo metro…

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WCF Data Contract Versioning

I’ve been checking out a very interesting subject for my current project; WCF contract (and services) versioning.

The support for this is so much better in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) than for mere web services, that going to WCF could be worth the effort based on that parameter alone.

Here are some good tutorials, best practices and intros to the subject:

Well, that should get you started to handling versioning of your WCF contracts and services.

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New model job

Yesterday was the second job of my “modelling career”. You remember the first don’t you?

This time it was also for Avega and for a short interview in the annual report. Like the last time I felt really confused about wearing make-up and doing poses. This time was in the public also - at Stureplan downtown Stockholm. It was the same photographer - and he is great!

And, I have to say it don’t I, the pictures are sure to be great. It didn’t feel cheap at all ;). I’ll be sure to post some of them here as soon as I am allowed.

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I am celebrating the Swedish midsummer at Hyppeln in the Gothenburg archipelago. It’s perfect place to rest after the hectic period I’ve had for a while.

The project took quite good form during the last part of the week. Feels quite good. At Hyppeln there are almost always some good photo opportunities. I hope to take some photos to post here after I’ve returned.

Happy midsummer to you all!

Oh yeah - this is the 401 th posting of this blog. Who knew?

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