In control III - trombonists

This is not for the faint hearted, but well worth seeing.

Its a clip from a recording session of the film music to the movie Hellboy. And the sounds these dudes produces are just … well scary.

For any non-brass players I can tell you that to produce one of those “bursts” is hard. Really hard. To do 15 or so in a row is just amazing.

And now for something completely different. The best trombone player (not counting the bass trombone dudes above) in my opinion is Håkan Björkman. Here is a clip of him doing a cadenza of the Leopold Mozart’s Alto-trombone concerto. Very different - but still amazing.

Yeah - this is also something that shouldn’t be possible to accomplish. I have heared it live at the Stockholm Opera once.

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Who called me?

Here is a cool little code snippet with done with reflection that actually is quite handy. Especially in a logging situation.

I tweaked the code a bit to be not “WhoCalledMe” but rather “WhoIsTheCallerOfMe” and as such could hide most of the logging in a base class. This is easily done by changing the row StackFrame stackFrame = stackTrace.GetFrame(1);

to StackFrame stackFrame = stackTrace.GetFrame(2);

Of course then you’ll have to check that the frame in question (2) exists.

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ScrumIndexCardCreator - my first CodePlex project

After reading about some great stuff that other people has published I decided to take the leap and publish my first project. The one I decided on was a small utility that I have had great use of - the Scrum Index Card Creator.

You can read about, and contribute to, the project and the application here

So… this Scrum Index Card Creator is the first official release from Marcusoft. I wonder where is might end…

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I like PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008

Just found these PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008, which looks very promising indeed. They are a collection of nice-to-have-features in Visual Studio, that are missing from the start.

My first two favorites are; Collapse projects in Solution and Copy and Paste Project References. These two commands alone are worth the download time…

It seems like not all of the commands is applicable for all languages, like “Remove and sort using” that doesn’t work in VB.NET (of course ;)), but there are still usable stuff in there. Get one now!

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Validating WCF-messages with WSDL

When you first think about it, it’s quite strange that no validation, takes place out-of-the-box ,against the WSDL that describes a service (asmx or WCF). Then you (read: I) forget it and all of a sudden you don’t think that much about it; the generated proxy or services code doesn’t contain logic. Period.

It’s even more so when you only create services that is generating WSDL when asked. BUT (and it’s a big but ;)) - when you start doing Contract First you are actually specifying the WSDL first and then generate the code… then the question arises again.

I mean you’re specifying things in the WSDL that doesn’t get generated into the code. Things like format, lengths and stuff like that. It’s a bit strange that it’s lost. And the best scenario is that it’s simply validated when the request is received.

Lo and...

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Sweden in 3D

The foremost telephone number search service in Sweden, , has launched a new service that displays maps of the four biggest cities in Sweden in 3D.

It is still in beta (and as such quite slow) but it’s really cool. Of course it’s a Google earth rip-off but it has a few advantages; it runs in the browser, its genuine pictures of the buildings and no models and it’s very high resolution.

Here you go - Sweden in 3D.

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Creating link to TFS Reports in build script

For a few days (on and off, not continously) I’ve been searching the net for some way to present code coverage data in a nice way. That is - when our build script is running tests under code coverage we don’t present the code coverage result.

The code coverage data is located in the TRX-file generated by MSTest. And there is a great tool, trx2html, that I’ve already blogged about. But that tool doesn’t show the any code coverage result.

Here I must add that I know these two things:

  • firstly the main part of the code coverage data is only interesting to the developers and might not benefit from being shown to others. But I just want to show that 97% of our code is covered by out unit test. Calms the project management…
  • secondly - it might be a simple thing to tweak the internal...
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