A Conchango Scrum TFS Template introduction

I have been quite frustrated with the Conchango Scrum TFS Template. And not so much because the template is no good - its just that I can’t get up and running to be able to validate if the template is any good. The reason for this is the lack of introduction documentation. There are some pages on their site, but it doesn’t show me any good ways on how to get started.

Now after my last post I’ve got a suggestion to mail the Conchango-guys and they actually got back to me pretty fast. And from them I got another lead to one of their forum (that you of course have to register to see, excuse my stupidity).

The post the pointed me to clarified a lot of stuff for me;

  • the data showing in reports and burn downs is not online. It comes from a...
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How? What? He LIKES VB.NET?

OK - this is actually the first time I ever find something like this on the net.

Top 10 reasons VB.NET is better than C#

This dude actually PREFER VB.NET over C#. He’s in for a bashing from about the whole level 4 (at least) at my customer…

Pretty lame list in my taste… There are at least 40 other things that i miss in VB.NET that exists in C#. And to stop a top ten list a #9 just confirms that this is squeezed out, just for the sake of it.

Well, well - he’ll probably grow up and learn to talk a adult language. Hopefully soon. Or he might stay on and play with Lego. ;)

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Conchango burndown chart is not working

OK - one of the new technologies that we are using in my really fun project is the Conchango Scrum template for TFS. This has already cause me to scream out loud so I will most certainly get back to it.

Let me get a couple of thing right first:

  • I don’t think this is a good way of doing SCRUM. You miss a lot of the great interaction within the team when you need to do this kind of reporting.
  • I think that the Conchango template is as good as it probably will get when you are forced to use tools like this. I do hope that it might even get slightly better

So - now that my personal thoughts about this is out of the way - here is the problem I’ve encountered:

I have initiated a lot of Product Backlog...

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All 2 Mp3

I for the first time in my life downloaded a little tool, loved it and payed for it.

The name of the tool (and site is): All To MP3 Converter

This tool lets you convert different music formats from and to each other. This is as easy as to right click a file and choose convert. There is also a nice little GUI that does the same thing but lets you decide more details.

It opened up about 100 WMA-files that I could listen to since I am using [RockBox](http://www.rockbox.org/) on my H320 IRiver

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Abbe - growing and growing

Albert (or Abbe for short) is growing and in equal parts impressing and driving us mad.

This morning we’ve got the first ever laugh (a very short burst of hehehe) which was very rewarding. We’re not quite sure on what we did to make him laugh but he has been in a excellent mood all weekend, so we’ll keep trying sounds and sights and see if the laugh can be lured out of him again.

Above are some recent photos. I haven’t been able to catch a smile yet - but I am looking… watch this space

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Great new euphonium work

Steven Mead has premiered a new work for euphonium and symphony orchestra that seems to become a classic.

You can read about it here and also download it (1, 2 and 3 movements) and hear some contemporary euphonium playing at its best. I am humbled and will stay in my “neighbourhood” (Salvation Army music, Brass Band) for quite some time. It would be great fun to try something a bit easier with symphony orchestra…

Thank you Steven - very, very good indeed.

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Great project started

OK - this last two weeks has been intense. I’ve started a new project at my customer and it is wild; I am Scrum master (nothing new there;) it’s the only way to fly) in a pilot project to create a true [SOA](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service-oriented_architecture) (Service Oriented Architecture) at my customer (a big Swedish insurance company).

I am very humbled by the magnitude of the project and where this can take us… At the same time it is so fun; we get to set stuff about the technology (SOA, WCF, Visual Studio 2008, TDD - the works) that I didn’t dream of just a few months back. Also it is great to see the true use of SCRUM - it is rocking, as it of course would.

But it has come to my attention that readers of the blog are missing some personal comments on non-IT stuff. This...

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TFS, Add solution to Source Control and some trouble along the way

OK - this is a question that keeps coming back to me. Again and again.

When you add a solution to Source Control in Team Foundation Server (TFS) for the first time there are several ways with their respectively pros and cons. This is how I do it:

  1. ith Source Control - create a folder hiearchy that is applicable for your project. Say for example $\[ProjectName]\[SolutionName]\[Branch]. For example $\SakDotNet\BrevMallar\Main
  2. ow open the solution in Visual Studio
  3. igh-click the solution and choose Add Solution to Source control… (Note! If you don’t see that choice in the menu see below)
  4. se Source Control and Add file(s) for any additional files that not is included in the solution (or was missed by the way…)

Well - the simplest case is easy enough but if something goes wrong (as it just now did for me) there are some...

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How to get out of syntax highlighting in VB.NET

One of the most annoying thing with VB.NET is when it tries to help you with syntax highlighting, when using snippets.

You know; you type “property” hit TAB and then the property is created for you. The things that you needs to “fill out” is highlighted with some scary green color (see picture above).

In Visual Studio:

  • After the snippet is filled out position the cursor after end property
  • Hit ENTER
  • The green coloring is gone

If anyone know how to do this in Visual Studio 2005 I would love to know. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee at Länsförsäkringar, level 4. I promise

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Real answer - Type typename is not CLS-compliant, interface, tests and dependency injection

The previous post about CLS-compliant classes is right in a way but the real answer lies in that when you create a test project with Visual Studio, the created Assembly is marked as CLS-compliant.

This is done in the AssemblyInfo.vb (or .cs depending on your choice). I am not quite sure on why this is done but can imagine that it has to do with that the test project wants to be open for calls on all lot of different classes and components.

However in our case we only had to remove the CLSCompliant(true) from the AssemblyInfo.vb-file and everything was back to normal.

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