WCF - introductions

We’re planning on using WCF for the next project and i have been scavenging the Internet for good introductions to WCF and to message based calls.

Here what i have found so far:

A good highlevel article from MSDN - http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa480190.aspx

Some great and simply screen cast on how to use Visual Studio 2008 and WCF by Darryl Burling:

The difference between Messaging and RPC

I’ll hunt some more and put the links up here.

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Doing SCRUM in TFS

I am starting off a new project next week and we are going to run it as a SCRUM project (of course, there is no other way now is there :)) .

Since our team is highly distributed we’ll need some sort of support to keep the SCRUM-heartbeat going. Let right now say that having distributed team is not a choice of anyone in the project, that just how it is and we’ll have to live with it.

So Team Foundation Server is used at my customer and that is how we will manage the project, code and documentation. We are also going to use the SCRUM-project-template from Conchango.

However this is not good at all in my opinion. You force the team members to update their work in Team Explorer before any Daily Scrum can be held, effective. For the team members that will be just an other...

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Solution to the "Could not find file 'Microsoft.Windows.CommonLanguageRuntime error" for testprojects

Here is the solution to my previous posting Could not find file ‘Microsoft.Windows.CommonLanguageRuntime error for testprojects.

As always it is simple when you know how. You simply uncheck the Enable ClickOnce security settings-checkbox under Projects->Properties->Security.

A better solution is the extract the code that is to be tested to an own project, but I’ll use the above for now. We’re only using ClickOnce for testing environments.

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TypeMock - an introduction

I my next project (which is mega-cool, I’ll get back) i will start using TDD from the outset, which seems to be the only way to get it to work. To do that we’ll need a mocking framework and the flavor of the month seems to be TypeMock.

There are not many very good introductions on the net but here are some that are the best so far:

PS Following a really fast answer (ca 4 hours after my posting) from the TypeMock-team (this Internet thingy is so cool, isn’t it) i want to add two movies:

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Whose line is it anyway?

I ran into an old friend during the weekend. This is an old (80s?) show with improvisation theatre as game between four comedians. It is hilarious!

I met this program again on YouTube. There are loads of clips there. Start here.

Here is one of them that made me laugh out loud.

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Could not find file 'Microsoft.Windows.CommonLanguageRuntime error for testprojects

We have encountered a quite annoying bug when creating a test project that references a Windows application. The Windows application have been deployed via ClickOnce and that when the testproject stopped compiling.

In the test project we got the “Could not find file ‘Microsoft.Windows.CommonLanguageRuntime” error message on compilation.

Here is an article describing that problem: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/907757. No very good solution though. I’ll post out solution in a while.

The solution seems to be to set a reference to the .exe instead of the projectfile. However we ran into some trouble with that also - a better solution is on it’s way…

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Moving items in a CheckedListBox

This is a very common requirement in applications and one that i always need to think a few extra minutes (hours, if you want) before i get it.

The GUI contains a CheckedListBox (or any other list) and the user want to be able to move the items up and down in the list. Yes i know - it seems trivial at first…

Here is one solution that uses a single method that is called with a parameter to indicate if the item is to be moved up or down.

’’’ ‘’’ Moves an item in the listbox ‘’’ Private Sub MoveItemInListbox(ByVal up As Boolean) ‘ Check that something is selected If chklst.SelectedItem Is Nothing Then MessageBox.Show(“Nothing selected”) Exit Sub End If ‘ No flicker - on

' Remember the selected stuff, index, the item itself and if the item is ' checked or not Dim...
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Recording with the Vasa Band

Phew - the weekend has really been intense with a CD-recording as the major happening. Also our prayer group was in charge of the Sunday morning meeting which was a success but quite different from an ordinary Salvation Army meeting.

The band has performed at a very high and consistent level through out the weekend. I am so proud of the band! This is very much an amateur band and still we manage to play very well and to record quite a lot of material during the weekend. These pieces were recorded:

  • Herren vår Gud - fanfare preludium by Andreas Holmlund
  • Onward - disco upbeat song by Andreas
  • Låt din Altarglöd beröra mig - meditative piece by Andreas
  • O hur Saligt - short song arrangement by Hans Nordin
  • Take up thy cross -...
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New life!

Things are settling down over here again… After a week at home with Albert (the most probable name of our son) we are now actually thinking that we might make it. ;)

There are so many clichés about becoming a parent but it is really something that you can’t imagine. You are tossed between loving the child - sometimes too much even - to becoming very frustrated because you can’t understand him.

Abbe (

I am really suprised that this is not talked about more. From a small empirical investigation it seems that most childs have this problem.

Well this “problem” is small in comparision to the joy of having the child. We love him! It’s quite amazing...

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A son is born!

Finally - after 9 months our baby has arrived. It is the most wonderful little boy you can imagine and we are so grateful for having him into our life.

Here are some pictures of him.

Right now we are quite tired also, so i’ll get back with details later on. A very quick thank you to all the people that have prayed for, warm thougt

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