Moving items in a CheckedListBox

This is a very common requirement in applications and one that I always need to think a few extra minutes (hours, if you want) before I get it.

The GUI contains a CheckedListBox (or any other list) and the user want to be able to move the items up and down in the list. Yes I know - it seems trivial at first…

Here is one solution that uses a single method that is called with a parameter to indicate if the item is to be moved up or down.

’’’ ‘’’ Moves an item in the listbox ‘’’ Private Sub MoveItemInListbox(ByVal up As Boolean) ‘ Check that something is selected If chklst.SelectedItem Is Nothing Then MessageBox.Show(“Nothing selected”) Exit Sub End If ‘ No flicker - on

' Remember the selected stuff, index, the item itself and if the item is ' checked or not Dim...
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Recording with the Vasa Band

Phew - the weekend has really been intense with a CD-recording as the major happening. Also our prayer group was in charge of the Sunday morning meeting which was a success but quite different from an ordinary Salvation Army meeting.

The band has performed at a very high and consistent level through out the weekend. I am so proud of the band! This is very much an amateur band and still we manage to play very well and to record quite a lot of material during the weekend. These pieces were recorded:

  • Herren vår Gud - fanfare prelude by Andreas Holmlund
  • Onward - disco upbeat song by Andreas
  • Låt din Altarglöd beröra mig - meditative piece by Andreas
  • O hur Saligt - short song arrangement by Hans Nordin
  • Take up thy cross - another meditative piece by Erik Leidzén. Very hard to pull off.
  • Este es el Dia -...
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New life!

Things are settling down over here again… After a week at home with Albert (the most probable name of our son) we are now actually thinking that we might make it. ;)

There are so many clichés about becoming a parent but it is really something that you can’t imagine. You are tossed between loving the child - sometimes too much even - to becoming very frustrated because you can’t understand him.


I am really surprised that this is not talked about more. From a small empirical investigation it seems that most children have this problem.

Well this “problem” is small in comparison to the joy of having the child. We love him! It’s quite amazing how you can feel so much about a child that you just met 10 days ago… But he is really the apple of our eye.

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A son is born!

Finally - after 9 months our baby has arrived. It is the most wonderful little boy you can imagine and we are so grateful for having him into our life.

Here are some pictures of him.

Right now we are quite tired also, so i’ll get back with details later on. A very quick thank you to all the people that have prayed for, warm thought.

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Rhetorics - a good start

I’ve always been fascinating on how to do a good presentation or how to persuade an audience. My usual way to do this is to study the subject and to get a good feel about it - I know that I am much better on topics i really have a passion for. And then I often spoils the whole thing by taking to much or to fast.

But here are, in Swedish, a very good site for people like me, who might need a brushing in the theoretical way of how to construct a good presentation:

Note the guide under “Retoriska Verktyg”

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Time to come down?

It seems like our baby is on it’s way. Elin has become sick (nothing too serious) in way that usually leads to the labour is started in a artificial way. We are not too worried but it is really exciting that the nine months are closing in to an end.

So perhaps the next time I write anything here I will be a father! Amazing to think about. We hope that everything will go well and that i soon can report any pictures on the little wonder.

Until then - or …

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The Phone House Disapointment Story - last chapter

OK - as you all know I am quite disappointed with the Phone House service quality and the way the treat their customers. You can read about it here and here. And try out this funny query at Google where I am one of the top hits with a not very flattering post.

Well if you have followed along I have tried to get a non-working phone to be replaced. For six months. But no luck. So after sending the support (try them - they are quite funny a lot of mail with questions on how I was supposed to act to get my non-working phone back, I finally called them.

“Well that is quite tricky” - was the reply from the person answering the phone.

“How is that?” - I replied

“Well its a company contract and then some other things kick in”


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ASP.NET MVC - start

I am really hooked on a new thing from Microsoft called ASP.NET MVC - which could be understood as “a project template for ASP.NET to easily build applications with the ModelViewControl (MVC)-pattern”

I can now safely confess that I have actually never liked or fully understood the ASP.NET programming model with Web Forms and User Controls. It just to complicated to digest - a lot of events firing, on some you can see the controls of the page and on other you don’t. I don’t like it! At all!

But that is all in the passed from now (for me and a lot of other as it seems), because now the ASP.NET MVC exists as a wonderful alternative. There are already a CTP (preview) to download and also some really good introductions to the concept.

Here is my short-lists of must-reads and sees:

  • Scott Guthrie “book” on his...
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