Rhetorics - a good start

I’ve always been fascinating on how to do a good presentation or how to persuade an audience. My usual way to do this is to study the subject and to get a good feel about it - i know that i am much better on topics i really have a passion for. And then i often spoils the whole thing by taking to much or to fast.

But here are, in Swedish, a very good site for people like me, who might need a brushing in the theoretical way of how to construct a good presentation: http://www.falkman.se/

Note the guide under “Retoriska Verktyg”

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Time to come down?

It seems like our baby is on it’s way. Elin has become sick (nothing too serious) in way that usually leads to the labour is started in a artificial way. We are not too worried but it is really exciting that the nine months are closing in to an end.

So perhaps the next time i write anything here i will be a father! Amazing to think about. We hope that everything will go well and that i soon can report any pictures on the little wonder.

Until then - or …

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The Phone House Disapointment Story - last chapter

OK - as you all know i am quite disappointed with the Phone House service quality and the way the treat their customers. You can read about it here and here. And try out this funny query at Google where i am one of the top hits with a not very flattering post.

Well if you have followed along i have tried to get a non-working phone to be replaced. For six months. But no luck. So after sending the support (try them - they are quite funny support@phonehouse.se) a lot of mail with questions on how i was supposed to act to get my non-working phone back, i finally called them.

“Well that is quite tricky” - was the reply from the person answering the phone.

“How is that?” - i replied

“Well its a company contract and then some other things kick in”


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ASP.NET MVC - start

I am really hooked on a new thing from Microsoft called ASP.NET MVC - which could be understood as “a project template for ASP.NET to easily build applications with the ModelViewControl (MVC)-pattern”

I can now safely confess that i have actually never liked or fully understood the ASP.NET programming model with Web Forms and User Controls. It just to complicated to digest - a lot of events firing, on some you can see the controls of the page and on other you don’t. I don’t like it! At all!

But that is all in the passed from now (for me and a lot of other as it seems), because now the ASP.NET MVC exists as a wonderful alternative. There are already a CTP (preview) to download and also some really good introductions to the concept.

Here is my short-lists of must-reads and sees:

  • Scott Guthrie “book” on his...
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True stuff doesn't need to be boring - The Tao of programming

A friend of mine sent me this link http://www.canonical.org/~kragen/tao-of-programming.html Very funny but also very true stuff. I almost became sad when i read some passages (see for example the story about the programmer and the project manager in Book 5, http://www.canonical.org/~kragen/tao-of-programming.html#book5)

We have all been involved in these things, and often still are. Why? “These are great mysteries. “

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Convert C# to VB.NET and back again

Found this cool online (!) tool for converting C# code into VB.NET-dito and back again:


I am trying it out now and it seems to work like a charm.

OK - i’ve now (20 minutes later) converted about 10 files of various size. Most stuff went well but it must be pointed out that this size only converts code, not complete projects. This is done very well indeed.

But sometimes i presume that you will need to convert a complete project, settings and all and then this tool migh be too cumbersome to use. But it worked very well for me.

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Quality, reclamation and phones

This weekend has been a weekend of reclamations; i’ve been around the several stores demanding different stuff to be replaced. It’s been beds (IKEA), whisk (Åhléns), shoes (Wedins, they lasted about two months…) and finally phones (yes, again) - i’ll get back to the phone-part.

So first of all this makes me wonder; is the quality level of things that we buy going down (this sounds like the start of a Sex-and-the-city-episode). I have actually never before been to a store to demand things back - not until last year. And now i have been back with about 5-6 things and four of them last weekend…

My thinking is that this has to do with the urge to make fast money. You cut a few corners, put things faster on the market and hope that no-one will notice or at least don’t have the strength or will to complain.

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