Facebook - explosion

OK - something has happened on the net when i was on vacation. The new site www.facebook.com has suddenly exploded. With people, with functions and foremost with activity…

I just heard about before leaving but suddenly everyone has a account and is writing in guestbooks and adding photos.

There are some quite cool functionality in there but all in all i am getting a bit annoyed by all these stay-in-touch-sites. I mean, who really has the time to maintain a work-network on LinkedIn, friend network on facebook and a network of old schoolmates on whatever.com.

Well, well it’s always fun to meet friends so i’ll tag along

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Home again

I am home again after four weeks vacation. Feels great and i am really in the mood to get down and do some programming again, and playing, and all the other stuff that i normally do.

The vacation has been filled with wonderful sights (pictures from Croatia included above) and experiences. But, as it always do, you long for home in the end - and that is a good thing right? I mean that means that you like your home the best of the places you been so far - good for me. :)

The news i promised in an earlier post...

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Today is the last day of work for me… for the summer. Now a wonderful 4 week period of doing nothing much is starting.

For me the summer holds the following:

  • First two weeks of vac cation in Croatia with Elin and my sister (the first week) which should be very nice. We’re going to Pula but the plan is to go around and see other places. The main goal though is slow, nice and mind-winding vacation
  • Then home for a short while to wash up
  • The last part of the vacation is planned to be celebrated (yes, that’s the word :)) on Hypplen in the Gothenburg archipelago.

So as you can see not much in there about computers, agile development or euphoniums and brass bands. That’s the whole idea! Vacation.

So i how that you all will have or are having a nice one too....

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Langauge differences C# and VB.Net

When converting from C# to VB.Net (not liking it though) i often find myself wondering “what is that keyword in VB.Net”. There are tons of pages that answer that question, this one is quite good and it can be nice to have one stop for all your questions:


If it fails for any reason try “[keyword in C#] vb.net” in Google.com. First hit will tell you the answer, never fails.

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GUICE - a google framework

Found this yesterday and i liked it from two reasons:

  1. Firstly it seems like a very nice framework. Simple, light(!)weight and easily understandable framework for handling dependency injection. I can’t wait until this will become available for .NET… please say that it will do. Please
  2. I have a nice feeling from Google stuff - and now they are entering the development community…. Could be good, could be good… Although - they are now almost everywhere, and everybody seems to love them - that makes room for doing almost anything they want. Could be scary… so scary… :)
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This is of course mega-old but here is a book tip: anyone interested in creating good code should read Refactoring by Martin Folwer.

This is great book on a subject that really can improve your output and code quality. As an added bonus the book is written in easy accessible way and with just the right amount of jokes and fun woven into it.

Read it! Now!

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Recommended listening

Just wanted to drop a few CD recommendations for the summer. I don’t (actually) buy that many brass band Cd’s which make me be the more concerned with the ones I actually buy.

The first one is Vienna Nights with Black Dyke Band. This is really something extra for us who like serious music for brass. Mr Philip Wilby (who has composed all tracks) has been one of the new and major voices in the brass band movement. His test pieces are loved by many and here is a small collection of four of them. The highlights for me (so far, i might add, since the pieces tend to grow on you) are Dove Descending… which is a absolutely fantastic piece.

The other CD is by the Black Dyke solo euphonium David Thornton - what a player! When he first started to play with Dyke i thought he was...

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Get a life! Now!

This guy must be the most dedicated lego-builder in the world. Read the text in the outset… get a cup of coffee and just be happy that you have something to do. May it be just the dishes

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Sandcastle or Marcus betting on the wrong horse?

I read today about Sandcastle which is Microsofts new documentation utility for .NET Framework 2.0 (http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/bb608422.aspx)

Soo - finally they have created a NDoc clone. I have been wondering why not NDoc has been upgraded to support .NET 2.0 but they probably knew that Sandcastle was coming along.

Also - i have been betting and introducing NDoc for .NET 2.0 (Alpha) in some of my build scripts. When Sandcastle finally arrive (CTP now so should take about a year) documentation generation will probably be done better with Sandcastle than with NDoc Alpha.

Hopefully this will give the NDoc guys some energy to start developing a final version for .NET 2.0. The alpha version is very good (no problems so far for me).

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