This is of course mega-old but here is a book tip: anyone interested in creating good code should read Refactoring by Martin Folwer.

This is great book on a subject that really can improve your output and code quality. As an added bonus the book is written in easy accessible way and with just the right amount of jokes and fun woven into it.

Read it! Now!

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Recommended listening

Just wanted to drop a few CD recommendations for the summer. I don’t (actually) buy that many brass band Cd’s which make me be the more concerned with the ones I actually buy.

The first one is Vienna Nights with Black Dyke Band. This is really something extra for us who like serious music for brass. Mr Philip Wilby (who has composed all tracks) has been one of the new and major voices in the brass band movement. His test pieces are loved by many and here is a small collection of four of them. The highlights for me (so far, i might add, since the pieces tend to grow on you) are Dove Descending… which is a absolutely fantastic piece.

The other CD is by the Black Dyke solo euphonium David Thornton - what a player! When he first started to play with Dyke i thought he was...

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Get a life! Now!

This guy must be the most dedicated lego-builder in the world. Read the text in the outset… get a cup of coffee and just be happy that you have something to do. May it be just the dishes

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Sandcastle or Marcus betting on the wrong horse?

I read today about Sandcastle which is Microsofts new documentation utility for .NET Framework 2.0 (

Soo - finally they have created a NDoc clone. I have been wondering why not NDoc has been upgraded to support .NET 2.0 but they probably knew that Sandcastle was coming along.

Also - i have been betting and introducing NDoc for .NET 2.0 (Alpha) in some of my build scripts. When Sandcastle finally arrive (CTP now so should take about a year) documentation generation will probably be done better with Sandcastle than with NDoc Alpha.

Hopefully this will give the NDoc guys some energy to start developing a final version for .NET 2.0. The alpha version is very good (no problems so far for me).

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Schlager treat

I had missed this: [](

Markolio at his best. Heckling the schlager-genre. The most embarrassing about this is that this song would probably have rocked at the competition. I mean that kind of music is not really innovative and challenging…

In short - i don’t like schlagers (or whatever the word is in english) but this song rocks.

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Dignity - gone!

Here is a story about when my dignity was shredded. True i am afraid.

This weekend the Salvation Army Congress was held here in Sweden. We played with a small band on the last meeting, which of course was way to long for my tired eyes. So afterwards i rushed to get out instruments and packing.

Coming up from the basement i found a small boy (4 years maybe) pointing to a toilet saying: “He’s bleeding”. And right he was - in the toilet was another boy bleeding from his nose. A lot. Inside the toilet was also an old Salvation Army missionary women. And she was not afraid of digging in. I found her (ca 90 years mind you) wiping the floor and pinching the nose of the boy at the same time.

Of course I told her that she didn’t have to do that. I took over the...

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Again - the Swedish summer proved to be a very good choice for marriage. A week and a year after Elin and I got married, Elins younger sister did the same. Her husband (now-a-days ;)) is a very nice guy and they were a splendid couple.

Also it again made me realize how happy i can be that have such nice relatives and the once “added” to the family is equal nice and good to be with. I really enjoy spending time with them.

When that is said; the weekend was quite hectic involving me driving back-and-forth Vallentuna and Stockholm (3 Swedish miles one way) more times than i care to remember. Also the weekend was topped of with playing at the Salvation Army Congress here in Sweden. It was quite fun also, but i was so tired…

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Get current user name and with VB.NET

I searched a while for this, actually… which is strange since all i wanted to do is to find the current user name and the current user domain.

It’s dead simple with the following lines: Dim userName As String = System.Environment.UserNameDim userDomain As String = System.Environment.UserDomainName So if you ever look for how to find the information about the current user - here it is

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AddIn - problem and solutions

I ran into some problems when creating my addin. Here are the solution to them:

  1. When i used the OutputTaskItemString the items was shown in the Error list, but when i double clicked on them nothing happened. I also noticed that only the first error was shown in the Output-window, where all the errors was supposed to be shown. This was a real small but annoying problem. The strings you write to the output window (and to the task) needs to end with a newline. Quite obvious when you know it. When i changed that everything worked out just dandy
  2. Deploying my add-in was (and maybe still is) a pain. Mostly this probably has to do with that my current customer has the My Documents-folder on a network share, but i am not sure. I found two good articles surrounding this: and

Just some...

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