Hectict times

Also - I am now entering one of the more hectic periods of my life (with two free days for the next four weeks, if I remember correctly) so the blogging will probably stand back for a while. But I’ll keep you all posted.

The things I am going to do during this time include (strange combination, I must say):

  • aying solo at a concert with SolnaBrass
  • arting new assignment within my work
  • . and ending the previous one
  • ing talk about SCRUM in front of hundreds (brrrr)
  • esenting two concerts with Gothenburg Brass Band
  • ing host at the get-together after Bengt Eklunds funeral
  • andard playing with the Salvation Army at Vasa

Well - interesting times are ahead. I am sure it will be fun… also

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More from the weekend

Here are some more pictures from the beautiful Hypplen (the place is nicer than it sounds, I promise).

It was surely a good weekend with a lot of winding down. Also my family are all very nice, which is so good when you get away like this. It’s all very easy-going. Even though some of them get quite nasty when it comes to games, especially Fia-med-knuff. :)

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Easter in the archipelago

I spent the weekend in the archipelago of Gothenburg. It was great! Brilliant sunshine for one and a half day and then … games inside for the rest of the weekend.

I am a bit worried though, after the gaming session, that my relatives might not like me as much. I didn’t swept the floor with them but I won the prematch-battering (you know, I talked the most about my own abilities etc.) :)

Also we had a small scissors adventure as the before, during and after series shows above… I’ll add some more pictures later in the week.

This week by the way is my last at one customer and I have to prepare some big talk at my next…

Hectic week, now where have I heard that before

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TDD - how is it done?

The next project will be done with Test Driven Development - I am really looking forward to this!

We have all read about TDD, on this pros and cons and how it is done (red, green, refactor or first write the test, fail it, fix it…). But i haven’t seen to much on how to actual write the code. How do you start off? In other words - show me the code!

But this article has some hints and tips on how to write test driven code for business and ui-layers. Especially from the Doing Test-Driven Development paragraph. The rest of the article is a very nice introduction to Nunit and other tools.

I’ll get back to you all when I have got the pieces together surrounding this.

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Bengt Eklund

This weekend a very inspirational and important brass teacher was taken home. Although I have known about his decease for quite some while now it’salways very sad when the end comes.

Bengt was one of those people that stick in your conscience from the first time you meet him. For my first rehearsal with GBB I was actually scared of him, but that all went away after just meeting him outside the rehearsal room. Since then Bengt has continued to fascinate me, give me valuable tips (both for playing and life) and being a great friend.

Some of the greatest things I have been doing with my instrument was through or via Bengt and GBB. I remember quite vivid some concerts from USA 2005, the amazing tour of New Zealand the same year or just some great rehearsals. Tips from Bengt help me each day in my playing.

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Dependency Injection - explained

When I first read about Dependency Injection, I of course read the famous article by Martin Fowler… and to you I can say that I didn’t get it. At all. Please don’t tell anyone ;)

But after the presentation at Avega by Niclas Nilsson I finally got it. And the exemple below is a small rip of the DI-part of the presentation but it works as a reminder for me anyway.

Here we go: Lets say that we have a class called SalesController that managers the business logic for sales. In order to work it has to get some product information which is stored in a reposotory calles ItemInventory.

Below is a example implementation of SalesController public class SalesController{ ItemInventory item; public SalesController() { ... } ...} This means that the SalesController is dependent to ItemInventory. That is not that good since:

  • if you...
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I realize, when skimming through my posts on the blog, that this happens from time to time … but I have learned some great programming skills the last week.

At Avega, where I work, we gave a seminar on Spring.NET, Dependency Injection and Aspect Orientation… and once again - I think I am in love.

For the first time I finally understood Dependency injection and then the pieces and beauty of Spring.NET was very obvious.

Here are some links that might be useful:

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Brassband radio

Every monday morning I start the day by listen in to Listen to the band which is a long running radioshow in UK, playing brass band music. It is a great oppurtunity to hear the best band in a more or less live situation.

Now, I found out, there is a contender… World Of Brass also has its radio. It seems to be playing CD’s (that you can buy from World Of Brass, can you imagine? ;)) but there is some very good music to hear.

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Pixar - again

OK - the last post made me think about another time when I was the only one laughing in the cinema. Really embarrassing - especially since all the other people in the saloon were children… max six years old..

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