Week ended - nice weekend

The last week was really intense, work wise, with some stuff starting off at my primary customer and a review for another customer in the last two days.

It all ended happily, though, with a very nice weekend with, my now very enlarged, family. Magnus became a doctor a few weeks back and they had an graduation party. Which made us all go to congratulate him and also got us together on the special family-island Hyppeln, in the Gothenburg archipelago. The above is a picture from there, in the summer-time mind you well.

Very nice to meet all and to see the wildness of God’s nature during the winter. I could have looked at the waves for hours.

I might, saying might, have been a bit to happy to make a...

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Mobilephones forbidden on the subway in Stockholm

Just so that you know where you read it first…

Since the start of the year the company running the subway and buses in Stockholm, SL has banned mobile phones on the first and last wagon (of three!) in all subway trains. Note that it doesn’t mean “have your mobile on silent mode” but rather “don’t talk in your mobile at all”.

This is so stupid! What is next - you can’t talk at all in wagon 1?

Extra funny is that =”blsp-spelling-error” onclick=”BLOG_clickHandler(this)”>SL really are plugging the mobile as a great way of communicating with them. A lot of efforts has been put in to set up sites and portals for mobiles. Very nice then that you can’t use it on the trains and buses…

I bet that we will laugh at this in a year or so. So - as i said at the top: here is...

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Lots of things to do

So, why do i always think that “it will be lesser to do this semester” - when i know…

This week contains a lot of different stuff to do, most fun but they are really packing up. It’s something “extra” on the agenda each day of this week. But compared to the opposite (nothing to do) i would choose this every time, twice on Sundays :).

So I’ll try to report here whats going on.

Last week ended in a good way at work, anyway, since we cheat-started (that what was needed) our new architecture in a small part of the system. Felt really good since we have been waiting for that part to start for about a year now. I hate waiting.

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Surfs up

I am not a surfer by now means but this looks amazing. If someone could guarantee me not being fish food after the surf i wouldn’t mind trying it on.

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Happy times

After my last post i feel the need to write something positive, since that only mad me angry…

Right now i feel so good with my life! There are so many things, people and things to do that makes me happy everyday. Here are a shortlist:

  • Elin - i am so lucky to have met her. We have so much fun together and she alone could be the reason for me being happy.
  • Vasa - i really enjoy the Salvation Army corps i am at right now.
  • VasaBand - and the band in that corps. Great guys, great band. The fellowship and the dedication to God is genuine and good. It makes me come closer to God each day.
  • Euphonium playing - i am right now in “the flow” for my euphonium playing,...
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Yesterday i got phoned by a salesman (woman actually, Madeleine or something). This happened although i am connected with the NIX-register (this register hold numbers that phone salesmen not are allowed to call). This is something i recommend to all since the drop of irritating calls was dramatic after my registration.

Of course the companies doing the sales are so greedy that they just can’t let a lot of irritated customers stand in their way for maybe, maybe doing a sales… so the companies came up with this idea instead: “if we call people that already are customers to us, ask a quick question about how they like us so far - we then can try to sell them something!”

This is probably allowed although you are registered in the NIX-register. Just to think that it took the sales department several year to find that one out. But they...

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MSBuild bug (kinda...)

At the start of this year my buildscripts ran into some serious trouble all of a sudden. And the day after this ugly error showed its horrible face when I compiled the code:

"Error emitting 'System.Reflection.AssemblyVersionAttribute' attribute -- 'The version specified '1.6.70102.1' is invalid"

What now? I know that nobody was here and changed code during the New Years Eve, and certainly not the day after, if you know what i mean.

It proves to be a flaw (nicer way of saying bug) in the assembly version handling of MSBuild, or actually the versioning of assemblies in Windows:

The version numbers consist of four parts MAJOR.MINOR.BUILD.REVISION. These are all WORDS (16-bit) and not DWORD (32-bit). That means that it can hold numbers up to ca 65000.

A very common practice is to have the BUILD-part of the number set to a date. And since dates are converted like...

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Loose as a goose

Yesterday i had (got?) my first ever massage. I must confess that I’ve had some preconceived thoughts about people taking massage - but i was wrong. I’ll take it all back.

The massage in itself was not too pleasant, it even hurted for a while, but afterwards the whole body (i mean the whole, the soles of my feet for instance) felt so good. I was completely relaxed in ever limb and it was only with the strongest will i managed to take me from the locker rooms to the bus home.

This will most certainly be done more times - at least i hope so.

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Finally - Gaming for non-math-freaks!

Microsoft has just released a game-development studio which looks very nice. And finally even I has do some game-development. A real cool feature (except the real easy programming model) is that the games that you create can be run on Xbox 360.

This will be a cool way to introduce programming for young people or just highlight some concepts in traditional (i.e. “boring” programming) via gaming. I know I’ll try anyway.

Here is the link http://msdn.microsoft.com/directx/XNA/default.aspx. Thanks Håkan for the tip

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Hectict week to an end

Last week was a real burnout, of a start for this year. Something booked for each day last week, which is to much, for me anyway. And yesterday me and Elin was in charge of the meeting at our Salvation army corps.

That was a lot of stuff to hold in your head and to plan - i will never complain on a officer again. They have a lot of things to plan just for each Sunday. We also felt a great uncertainty the days before the meeting also. If that is something they go through each week i hope they know how to cope with it.

Anyway - that week is over now and a much more normal week has started. And it starts with us going to Sturebadet for some Spa tonight. This is a “cheerer-uper” i got from Avega this autumn for some presentations and...

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